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Podiatric Pathology

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ProPath is dedicated to providing clients throughout the nation with the highest level of podiatric pathology and dermatopathology services. ProPath Podiatric Pathology offers a high level of medical proficiency, diagnostic quality, and personal service to assist podiatrists in enhancing patient care and fulfilling the needs of their practices. ProPath also performs specialized testing in-house by their internationally recognized immunohistochemistry lab, thus providing greater expertise and a short turnaround time for the physician and patient.

ProPath offers photomicrographic images on diagnostic reports, rapid turnaround time, podiatric-specific requisition forms, PAS stain, fungal culture, and biopsy testing as well as on-site advanced diagnostics.

ProPath is committed to our leadership role in raising the bar for quality Podiatric Pathology services nationwide.

ProPath Podiatric Pathology takes pride supporting the podiatric community that has so enthusiastically embraced our services. ProPath actively exhibits at podiatric meetings throughout the country and sponsor initiatives at Colleges of Podiatric Medicine.