Doctor Patel in the lab

Why ProPath for Renal Pathology?

Illustration of Kidneys

ProPath’s Renal Pathology Division serves nephrologists, transplant surgeons and others caring for patients with renal disease by providing expert renal biopsy interpretation and unmatched patient-centered service.

We provide comprehensive diagnostic tissue interpretation including light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy. ProPath's state-of-the-art immunohistochemistry laboratory also provides diagnostic support for work with atypical lymphoid infiltrates, amyloid typing and virus detection (CMV, BKV, etc.).

  • Experienced, board-certified pathologists with extensive expertise in native and transplant renal biopsy interpretation

  • Rapid, 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for light microscopy, immunofluorescence and electron microscopy

  • Emergency and weekend biopsy processing

  • Excellent communication with nephrologist(s) 

  • All biopsy results are discussed with the nephrologist and results are correlated with clinical and laboratory information

  • The pathologist and nephrologist may review the biopsy together via the Internet using a secure login 

  • The nephrologist receives a comprehensive report incorporating the diagnosis with clinical and laboratory information and biopsy images

  • A Renal Biopsy Kit with everything needed to submit specimens for testing is provided